Gemini Control Program
Version 1.0

Note: This program is out-dated and has been replaced by the more powerful Gemini Control Center software, which supports all Gemini levels and all versions of Windows for PC since Windows 95 and NT.


    • Standalone program, tested under Windows 95 and 98 / 98 SE
    • Low Requirements:
          less than 1 MB of harddisk space,
          no further DLLs required,
          4 MB RAM,
          256 color display, 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels,
          serial port (can be shared with other applications).
    • Works best with Gemini Level 2, but is partially usable with Level 1, Version 2.

Gemini Control Startup and Profile Screen

Gemini Control in Night Vision Mode. Toggle the mode by clicking the moon.

Gemini Hardware Setup Screen

Gemini Site Selection Screen

Gemini Session Control Screen

Gemini Modelling Parameter Screen

Gemini Manual and Scripted Control Screen

Gemini Observation Log Screen

Gemini User Catalog Parameter Screen

Gemini Startup Mode Window

Last modified: Sep 2, 2001